31181086_9780822964629_xlProf. Curtis Murphy recently gave an interview about his forthcoming book, From Citizens to Subjects: City, State, and the Enlightenment in Poland, Ukraine and Belarus, with William Szuch, who hosts the UkeTube channel at YouTube, devoted to new books related to Ukraine.  Prof. Murphy’s book compares the transformations in urban society in regions of the former Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, which were acquired by Austria, Russia and Napoleon.  Enlightenment-era rulers believed that the state could bring about improvements in urban society and an economic revitalization of the region through rationalization and hierarchical control, but policies based on abstract principles and foreign models produced a host of unintended consequences, which undermined each regime’s stated priorities.  In the case of Ukraine, Russian rule, which aimed to “reintegrate” the new territories with the empire, instead fostered a separate Ukrainian identity and Ukrainian distinctiveness.  Prof. Murphy’s book will be published this June with the University of Pittsburgh Press.

To watch the interview, please visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjmBZtSTv4o&feature=youtu.be.