Rozaliya Garipova’s research and teaching focus on the Islamic history of Russia, Central Eurasia and the larger Muslim world. She is particularly interested in exploring issues of religious authority, Islamic law and women and gender in Islam as well as the interaction between Islamic law and empire. Rozaliya received her Ph.D. in Near Eastern Studies from Princeton University. She held a number of prestigious fellowships, such as Andrew Mellon Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowship at the Department of Religious Studies, University of Pennsylvania, membership at the School of Historical Studies, Institute for Advanced Studies, Princeton and James Billington fellowship at Kennan Institute, Woodrow Wilson Center, at Washington DC. Her articles have appeared in The Journal of Economic and Social History of the Orient, Islamic Law and Society, Die Welt Des Islams, Yearbook of Islamic and Middle Eastern Law. Rozaliya’s current book project is a religious history of Muslim family life in the Volga-Urals and Western Siberia.

Dr. Garipova says, “I am very excited to come to Nazarbayev University and there are many reasons for that. Before travelling to Kazakhstan I finally decided to read a memoir – which was on my to-read-list for a long time – of a Tatar woman who vividly depicted her life in Jarkent, Almaty, Qulja and other Central Asian cities between the 1890s and the 1920s. I felt a strong desire to repeat this route and learn more about the peoples I am teaching about. I was long fascinated with Islamic history but teaching it and researching on it here gives a special pleasure – the students are smart and there is a fascinating group of scholars who are working on the religious (and other) history of Central Eurasia. I am very glad to be in a team, something that is not always easy to find in other universities. As a team, there are great opportunities to work together on teaching the History of Kazakhstan, on developing an MA Program in Eurasian Studies, as well as organizing workshops and collective research projects.”

For the fall 2017 semester Dr. Garipova is teaching HST 100: History of Kazakhstan and HST/REL 329: Women in Islamic History.

Welcome to NU Dr. Garipova!