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The History Faculty, Chair of History of Kazakhstan, of the Eurasian National University “Gumilev” (Astana),

the History, Philosophy, and Religious Studies department of Nazarbayev University (Astana)

and the Centre for Ethno-Cultural and Historical-Anthropological Research of Karaganda State University “Buketov” (Karaganda)

organise a Joint Methodological Seminar on

The October Revolution and Kazakhstan: Reconsidering Research Paradigms

7 March 2017, from 12am

at: Eurasian National University “Gumilev”, Astana, 11 Pushkin St., Korpus FIT & History Faculty, room 324.


Zauresh G. Saktaganova (KarGU), “October 1917 and Kazakhstan: Historiographical Discourse”

Arailym S. Musagalieva (ENU), “New sources for the history of the Red Terror in Kazakhstan”

Alexander Morrison (NU), “The 1916 Uprising in Central Asia and Russia”


Tlegen S. Sadykov, Dean of the History Faculty, ENU

Beatrice Penati (NU)

Special guest of the seminar: Adeeb Khalid (Carleton College)

Very special thanks, on our side, to our colleagues Daniel Scarborough and Nikolay Tsyrempilov for taking the lead in this initiative – and for the leaflet, which you can download here.