Our HistoryatNU blog was inaugurated on 14 January 2015 with a short post about the History Reading Circle.

Since then, we have published 96 posts. The number of our followers via email, WordPress, and Facebook is 263, but through the parallel Facebook page our individual posts have reached up to 1,000 people.

Blog views amount to ca. 5,000, without counting the views on Facebook. Visitors come from quite many countries (look at the map!), with Kazakhstan first (ca. 3,650) followed by the USA, and at some distance by the U.K., Russia, Switzerland, Germany, Brazil (!), Canada, France, Italy (and then India, Japan, Uzbekistan…).

Future plans:

  • Opening of a HistoryatNU YouTube channel for student- and Faculty-produced videos.
  • With the re-development of the School’s official page we should be able to use that, too, for quick updates and news.
  • Students, we want you! Contribute to HistoryatNU. This space is a window for and about you, too.

Stay tuned!