On the occasion of the celebrations of the 25th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s independence in December 2016, members of the HPRS department participated in initiatives held in Almaty and Astana.

Dr Nikolay Tsyrempilov (together with Dr Meiramgul Kussainova from KLLC and the SHSS Dean Dr Daniel Pugh) participated in the conference held by KazGUU in Astana.

Dr Alexander Morrison presented a paper on the topic “Kazakhstan: from the Tsarist regime and Soviet power to independence” (Казахстан: от царского режима и советской власти до независимости) at the commemorative conference held at the Almaty Women’s Pedagogical Institute (Zhenpi). He also intervened at the plenary session (photo here). On the same trip, Dr Morrison visited the Valikhanov Institute of the Academy of Sciences for a talk on Western historiography about Russian Imperialism in Central Asia.