Madina’s interview in Tolqyn.

Our (former) student Madina Bizhanova from Aralsk graduated with honours (red diploma) and decided to share some of her views on the History programme, NU, and Kazakhstan at large in an interview to the local newspaper.(*)

On being a History major, Madina stated:

“In the following four years [after Foundation] I studied in the bachelor program first in  International Relations, then in History at the School of Humanities and Social Sciences. I changed my major largely owing to the influence of professors in the History Department.

They showed to me that our ever changing world can be understood through objective analysis and evaluation. I became assured that History majors can best develop this skill.

The fact that I loved my major helped me to become one of the six undergraduate students who graduated with distinction and received their diploma from the hands of the President.”

Thank you Madina for sharing your thoughts – and all the best for the future!

* K. Dautova, “Nazarbaev Universitetining Tulegi”(“Nazarbayev University Graduate”), Tolqyn, #18 (10197), June 22, 2016, page 4.