The APRK in Almaty

During the summer, our two future senior students who are majoring in History have been busy in internships at Kazakhstani archives.

Galiya Khassenkhanova has been an intern at the Karaganda State Archive for Technical-Scientific Documentation.

Yerkebulan Dosmakhambet (below) has been working at the APRK (Archive of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, see here and here). He has collaborated to an exhibition on Soviet prisoners of war who participated in anti-fascist partisan movements in Europe.

yerkebulan APRK

Yerkebulan with representatives of the Italian and Russian consulates who support the exhibition.

Yerkebulan writes:

I am learning to use my skills and knowledge in a “real world”. Nothing makes college skills more valuable than the usage of them. I appreciate quite good English which I learned in the university, the ability to quickly perform tasks, research skills, and the wide range of knowledge I got at university. I also understood that doing an internship in archives is a useful experience for History students.