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On Friday 13 May 2016, the annual SHSS awards ceremony for Faculty and students took place in the Atrium of Block 8.

Professor Daniel Beben received the SHSS award for “Overall excellence in teaching”.

Madina Bizhanova, one of our seniors, received the award for the Best Capstone Dissertation in History this year.

Assel Shlykova was awarded a diploma for Outstanding work in Philosophy.

The award for the best essay in History of Kazakhstan in 2015-2016 went to Merey Makhanova, for her paper “How did the Russian empire extend its influence on the Kazakh steppe between 1731 and 1860?”. Magzhan Gabidolla received a honourable mention for his essay on “In what ways did the Kazakh khanate evolve from the time of Jani-bik and Giray to the reign of Tawkah?”.

Students and colleagues – The HPRS department is proud of your achievements and remains committed to fostering excellence at all levels!