We are happy to announce the official opening of the photo exhibition

Empires of emptiness: Fortresses of the Sahara and the Steppe

at the University of Birmingham (U.K.).

The exhibition is one of the products of the AHRC-sponsored project, titled “Outposts of Conquest”, Dr Berny Sebe (Birmingham) and our colleague Dr Alexander Morrison have been conducting for the past few years. On the basis of fieldwork and published and archival sources, they have been comparing the establishment and maintenance of fortresses in the Sahara Desert and in the Kazakh Steppe, to study how European colonial powers sought to exert their sovereignty on the local nomadic populations. In Kazakhstan, the project has also involved Dr Alim Sabitov (KazGASA) and some of his graduate students.

More on the exhibition can be found here.

The photo exhibition will be open to the public until 15 May in Birmingham. Plans are under way to hold the same exhibition in Kazakhstan. Stay tuned!