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Dear students,

here is a complete list of the classes in History on offer for Spring 2016. Some of them are new, some others should look familiar.

HST100: History of Kazakhstan (6 sections: Beben, Morrison, Penati, Welsford, Wojnowski, Kussainova [in Kazakh])

HST104: Central Asian History II (1700-1991), Penati

HST132: European History II (from 1700), Scarborough

HST230: Modern Britain: Culture, Politics, and Society since 1750, Leggett

HST233: Russian History from Catherine the Great to the present, Scarborough

HST263/REL263: History of Islam II: Islam in the Modern World, Beben

HST328: History of the Anthropocene, Forêt

HST332: The Byzantine Empire, Welsford

HST380/WLL380: India since Independence through Bollywood Cinema, Morrison

HST424/PLS430: Science, Politics and the State in Comparative Context, c. 1850-1980, Leggett

HST441/WLL441: Utopias in Russian and Soviet Literature, Wojnowski & McGuire

HST499: History Capstone (UG dissertation) – for senior HST majors only!