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timurid museum

The Museum of the Timurids in Tashkent.

The SHSS Seminar Series will feature this week a seminar on history, memory, and the policy of identity by

Antonio Eduardo Mendonça
Centro de Estudos Soviéticos e Pós.Soviéticos (Lisbon, Portugal)


“Museums and Nation-building in the Post-Soviet World”

Tuesday 24 November 2015

5pm – 6.30pm

room 8.302

Based on case studies from different post-soviet countries, this paper aims at analyzing how new post-Soviet identities have been defined and differentiated in museums of former socialist communities, matching new needs and purposes. Over these last two and a half decades – often dealing with forged or idealized memories, restorative nostalgia and selective amnesia, even some myths and taboos – how have museums been able to re-invent themselves, and in the process been also able to re-invent their “imagined communities”? How have the memories of soviet times been mobilized to build new national narratives? In the process of re-writing History and re-inventing identities, how have these memories helped to create, at the same time, new ideological frameworks and new exhibition discourses? Have these museums created retrospective utopias (or dystopias)? How are they presenting the “new” pasts as new foreign countries – and to which social and cultural groups? We will try to understand here some of these difficult balances and dialectics.

This seminar is open to all. Non-NU participants will need to show an ID document at the entrance gate.