daniel beben

It is a great pleasure and a honour for the HPRS Department to announce that Dr Daniel Beben‘s PhD dissertation, “The Legendary Biographies of Nâsir-i Khusraw: Memory and Textualization in Early Modern Persian Ismâ`îlism”, has won the 2015 dissertation prize of the Foundation for Iranian Studies.

From the motivation of the awarding commission:

… Daniel Beben has made an “exceptional contribution to the field of Iranian and Central Asian Studies” by, among other achievements, “stating clearly the study’s problematic… constructing an adequate and efficient theoretical framework…developing and employing successfully a rigorous methodology to bring together a significant array of primary and secondary sources in Europe and Central Asia, including critical information secured through interviews judiciously conducted in the field in Tajikistan and elsewhere to support an innovative approach to the study of Nâsir-i Khusraw’s intellectual and religious influence on the form and force of the Isma`ili da`wa… methodically connecting data, text, and speech to construct a credible framework for evaluating the effect of chanced confluence of ideas, values, socio-political tensions, and time on the evolution of Ismâ`ili organization and faith in Central Asia, the Middle East, and elsewhere and, by extension, potential applicability of the lessons derived to studies of other historically relevant events … excellent organization of the work.”

Dr Daniel Beben joined our Department in Fall 2015. He teaches in the fields of Central Asian and Islamic history. In Spring 2016 he will be offering one section of History of Kazakhstan and History of Islam II: Islam and the Modern World at level 200.

Join us in cheering our colleague for this important achievement!