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The NU Library has placed a huge order for the Brill microfiche collection “Asian Studies in Russia and the USSR” (455 titles, 9,386 microfiches).

This is a set of published sources from the XIX and XX centuries, on subjects that range from botany to legislation, from ethnography to geology, from linguistics to military strategy.

This collection is an addition to the already abundant electronic, microfilm, and microfiche collections of the NU Library. Among them, we mention:

  • Complete electronic version of the Turkestanskii Sbornik
  • Collection of newspapers in Arabic script, including Ai Qap, QazaqMolla NasreddinTercumanTurkistan Wiloyatining Gazeti, OynaEkinchi, and many others.
  • Collection of Soviet periodicals from Central Asia, including Kazakhstanskaia Pravda, Sharq Yulduzi, and many others.
  • Collection of pre-Soviet newspapers and periodicals in Russian, such as Akmolinskie oblastnye vedomostiTurkestanskii Kur’er, Terskoe ekho, and many other.

The Library possesses state-of-the-art facilities for reading microforms, e.g. a reading machine that allows to save pages as PDF files on the readers’ flash drive.

The NU Library is now preparing PDF lists and other searching aids to make such resources more accessible to researchers and students with an interest in Russian, Caucasian, and Central Asian history. (The way these resources are now catalogued makes them difficult to find.) We will report on advancements in this direction.