Aziz with Dr Daniel Pugh

Aziz with Dr Daniel Pugh

Aziz Kairatkhan, who graduated in May 2015 as a double major in History and Economics, has written to us to share some thoughts about his experience.

Aziz secured a job at Ernst & Young after graduation, but has now moved on to work for Mars LLC, who have made him a better offer.

This is what he writes:

The years spent at Nazarbayev University were the best in my life, mainly because of friends, education and the skills I acquired. However the most exciting were the History courses.

I was taught by such energizing and encouraging teachers as Michael Kelly, Danielle Ross and Meiramgul Apai [Kussainova]. Especially these teachers made my love for History a real passion. The way they taught and presented History really changed the way I understood history and world.

Alexander Morrison and Stephen G. Wheatcroft presented me with a more professional approach to History including research methods, source evaluation processes and the ability to analyze a number of diverse opinions and come up with my own one. These teachers guided me in a world of professional historians making me understand complex historical facts and analyze them from different perspectives.

Also my special thanks to Beatrice Penati, who encouraged me not to doubt about my capstone topic and Zbignew Wojnowski, who was always ready to help and discuss different historic topic, including the Ukrainian Crises.

Dear foundation students and freshmen, do not be afraid of history courses!

I expect you thinking that history is boring and it requires a lot of reading. Yes, it requires a lot of readings, but it really helps you develop your academic skills. Here, at Nazarbayev University history is very exciting, makes you think and understand modern politics and international relations through the prism of history.

Without these skills you will never be a true SHSS student! Good luck guys!