thomas welsford

Thomas Welsford is a specialist in the early modern history of Central Asia. His publications include Four Types of Loyalty in Early Modern Central Asia: The Tuqay-Timurid Takeover of Greater Ma wara al-Nahr, 1598-1605, Leiden-Boston, Brill, 2013. He has co-edited (with A. Papas and Th. Zarcone) Central Asian Pilgrims: Hajj Routes and Pious Visits between Central Asia and the Hijaz, Berlin, IFEAC-Klaus Schwarz, 2012, and (with Nuryog’di Toshev) A Catalogue of Arabic-Script Documents in the Samarqand Museum. He is currently working on a study of social relations in the Zarafshan region of Central Asia in the years before and after the Russian conquest.

Dr Welsford will teach the following classes in Fall 2015:

  • HST100 Section 4 History of Kazakhstan MWF 5-5:50pm
  • HST205 The Mongol Empire MWF 1-1:50pm