daniel bebenDaniel Beben received his PhD in History and Central Eurasian Studies from
Indiana University. His research and teaching focuses on the history
of Central Asia, Afghanistan and Iran, as well as the broader Islamic
world. His current research project explores hagiographical
production and cultural memory practices among the Ismaili Shi’i
communities of present-day Tajikistan and Afghanistan. At
Nazarbayev University he will teach courses on the history of Central
Asia, including the history of Kazakhstan, as well as courses on
Islamic history and thought. A native of the Washington D.C. area,
Dr Beben has lived and travelled extensively in Central and South Asia
and looks forward to the opportunity to work in the region that is the
focus of his research.

Dr Beben will be teaching the following classes in Fall 2015:

  • HST100 Section 5 History of Kazakhstan MWF 11-11:50am
  • HST421/REL421 Problems in Islamic History [History of Sufism] TR 9-10:15am