Madrasa in Andijan, after 1910 (from: http://asiecentrale.revues.org/1278)

Madrasa in Andijan, after 1910 (from: http://asiecentrale.revues.org/1278)

The Department is pleased to announce the publication of:

Beatrice Penati

“On the Local Origins of the Soviet Attack on “Religious” Waqf in the Uzbek SSR (1927)”

Acta Slavica Iaponica, vol. 36 (2015), pp. 39-72.

Abstract: This article studies when, how, and by whom the decision to nationalise land properties the rent from which supported mosques, shrines, and pilgrims’ hostels (rather than religious schools) was first taken in Soviet Uzbekistan. Through a quasi-philological reconstruction of the drafting process behind the land reform decree in a peripheral area of Fergana, the article demonstrates how local power dynamics produced incentives for provincial Party and Soviet leaders to prove themselves better Bosheviks than their neighbours. A close scrutiny of chains of command is essential for capturing the importance of local political agency, pace top-down interpretations that privilege Moscow’s or Samarkand’s viewpoints instead.

The article is freely available on the journal’s website through this link.