This summer two of our senior History majors, Madina Bizhanova and Adina Tulegenova, are spending one semester at the University of Wisconsin-Madison together with a contingent of 30 students from SHSS. In this post and in the next one we relate their impressions.

Adina writes:

“I like the campus very much, its old buildings, gardens and the lake.

For some reason I thought that courses would be more difficult for me here in UW-Madison than in NU but it turns out that there is not much difference between them.

By the way, the most beautiful library here is Wisconsin Historical Society Library, which is not historians’ achievement but still)

There are many people here who study or know Russian. Some of our students including me participate in WiscKaz partnership through which NU students and local students learning Russian meet regularly to get language practice and experience of intercultural communication.

Overall I like this place. UW-Madison is definitely in the list of the universities where I am going to apply this year.”

Senior History major Adina Tulegenova

Senior History major Adina Tulegenova

Thank you Adina – especially for the part where you write that our courses are as challenging as those at UWM 😉