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The History, Philosophy, and Religious Studies Department at NU is proud to announce the publication of Don Leggett’s book:

Shaping the Royal Navy
Technology, authority and naval architecture, c.1830–1906
at Manchester University Press (2014)

Dr Don Leggett joined SHSS in Fall 2014. He teaches classes at all levels in the field of the History of Science and Technology. His current research focuses on history of scientific governance.

Dr Leggett will present his book on Thursday 19 March, 4:30 to 6:00pm, room 6.519.

Everybody is invited! Refreshments provided.

Synopsis of Shaping the Royal Navy:

The nineteenth-century Royal Navy was transformed from a fleet of sailing wooden walls into a steam powered machine. Britain’s warships were her first line of defence, and their transformation dominated political, engineering and scientific discussions. They were the products of engineering ingenuity, political controversies, naval ideologies and the fight for authority in nineteenth-century Britain. Shaping the Royal Navy provides the first cultural history of technology, authority and the Royal Navy in the years of Pax Britannica. It places the story firmly within the currents of British history to reconstruct the controversial and high-profile nature of naval architecture. The technological transformation of the Navy dominated the British government and engineering communities. This book explores its history, revealing how ship design became a modern science, the ways that actors competed for authority within the British state and why the nature of naval power changed.