Kolchak_decorating_troopsAnother talk in History in the framework of the SHSS Seminar Series: the School will host Prof. Ablet Kamalov from Almaty (Turan University / Institute of Oriental Studies) on:

Taranchis in the Civil War in Semirech’e: The Atu tragedy of 1918

Tuesday 17 March 2015, from 4:20 pm, room 6.519

This paper will discuss a little-known event from the period of the Russian-Soviet Civil War in Central Asia, a mass shooting of Taranchis (Uyghurs) in the Semirechie region of what is now south-eastern Kazakhstan. It will discuss different representations of the event in Soviet and post-Soviet histories, as well as introducing some new archival evidence.
Ablet Kamalov is a Research Associate of the R. B. Suleimenov Institute of Oriental Studies and Professor at ‘Turan’ University, Almaty

He earned his academic degrees at the Institutes of Oriental Studies in St.Petersburg and Almaty. He works in the field of Uyghur studies, with a focus on history and historiography. His most recent works include ‘Ethnonational and local dimensions of the historiography of Kazakhstan’s Uyghurs’ (Central Asian Survey, 2012); ‘Uyghur historiography of post-Soviet Kazakhstan’ (The State in Eurasia, New Delhi, 2013). He has been a Member of Editorial Board of Central Asian survey since March 2015.